Our firm

In 2003, two legal firms in Thessaloniki, namely that of Dimosthenis Papadopoulos & Stergios Koukoudis, which was founded in 1970, and the firm of Christos Kazantzidis, which was founded in 1988, merged to form the legal practice of Kazantzidis-Koukoudis & Partners.

Based in Thessaloniki, the law firm boasts a team of extremely dynamic, efficient and well-read lawyers. Our firm collaborates with a wide network of legal partnerships throughout Greece as well as with law firms in Athens and in the major European capitals.

It offers a full range of legal services with an emphasis on issues of Commercial Law, Civil and Commercial Contracts, Contractual-Banking Law, Real Estate and Property Law, Family and Inheritance law as well as Criminal Law and Fiscal crimes.

Our law firm holds a distinguished position in its provision of legal services on issues such as real estate, handling of estates of Greek nationals and of foreigners and of purchase tax issues and handling of property.


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